Birds Park

The Bird Park is an unforgettable experience amidst the Atlantic Forest

Considered one of the finest of its kind in Latin America, the Bird Park is next to the Iguaçu National Park. The tour is done on foot by a trail of 1400 meters where can be observed more than 1,100 animals – mostly birds –  of 140 species from all continents.

In harmony with the environment, the Bird Park aviary are very spacious, allowing visitors to observe the birds in flight, at feeding time and daily activities within the precincts. This experience and direct contact enchants visitors with the sounds and colors of the most varied species of birds. The tour yields beautiful pictures and enchanting moments to people of all ages.

The tour is amazing and since 2014 was even more. The celebrations of 20 years of the park, was inaugurated the largest specialized aviary in Araras in the world. The space can accommodate up to 300 birds, 200 of these are Araras, called “Viveirão das Araras”, has become one of the main points of the tour. And it is not for less, at 16,309 cubic meters, the visitor can observe the birds in their daily lives.

The Bird Park also offers a space called “The Butterfly Garden” where you can find several species of butterflies that can be observed in flight or even feeding. The area also houses quick and smart hummingbirds.

Those who visit the Bird Park are delighted with what was shown, but what many people do not know and do not see is that the zoo is a reference in the rescue and shelter of birds sent by the environmental authorities, saved from the hands of animal traffickers that improperly removed them from nature. Half of the birds come to in the park and earn a home where they can finally follow up with a healthy and happy life.

The Bird Park offers all the infrastructure to visitors, with toilettes, drinking fountains,  restaurant and gift shop. At the end of the tour, visitors can still pose for photos with parrots on your arm.


Address: Rodovia das Cataratas Km 17.1. Near the entrance to the National Park.
Open every day of the year. The tour lasts about two hours.
Opening Hours: 08:30 am to 05:00 pm.
Phone: +55 45 3529-8282
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