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Walk through galleries, shops, hawker stalls and street vendors is to know that your head can tie a knot due to so much information. Are windows and more windows to see, hundreds of people bumping and walking among tight sidewalks, and an army of vendors trying to sell a bit of everything. Yes, trade in Paraguay happens in many different ways – in front of a large store, for example, may have a street vendor selling you a USB stick or a perfume of dubious origin. And the cheap Paraguay is precisely this: to achieve, between a world of options, find the product you want and with good price – values ??are accessible because import taxes are much lower than in Brazil. The deal is a bargain and compare prices of the same product in several different stores. From thousands of stores, there are many specialized in an industry such as electronics, perfume, games, clothing. But on the whole, establishments sell a bit of everything. Some are even called ‘Municipal Market’, for sell, among many options, underwear, tools, household items, toys and decorative objects. Tips for visiting Ciudad del Este from Brazil, there are some options: cross walking the Friendship Bridge, bus, taxi, motorcycle taxi or car, but avoid the latter option on weekends or holidays, as traffic tends to be slow . It is worth remembering that the international purchasing quota exempt from taxes is $ 300 per person and is not cumulative (more information on the IRS site). Above this value, it is tax levied on the goods. The baggage declaration is made in Brazilian customs, where the IRS is the supervisory cars and pedestrians returning from the neighboring country.

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