Iguassu Falls

The main tourist attraction of the Iguassu Destination and the postcard of the state of Paraná, the Iguassu Falls are just fascinating. A rare beauty that enchants tourists from various parts of the globe and literally unforgettable. To proof the charm of Iguassu Falls, in 2011 the Swiss New Seven Wonders Foundation elected the attractive as one of the New 7 Natural Wonders of the World.

It was not a simple choice and showed the amount of fans that the patrimony has around the world. It was four years of voting and, today, the Iguaçu Falls appear in a list with the island of Jeju in South Korea; the underground river of Puerto Princesa in the Philippines; to Halong Bay, Vietnam; Komodo Nature Park, Indonesia; and Table Mountain in South Africa. You are certain to find the choice more than fair. For anyone who has visited the site becomes an admirer of this masterpiece of nature and always want to return to take another peek.

For years the Park undergoes constant improvement and adjustment to well serve the visitors, always the main concern of preserving and minimally interfere in nature. Implemented in 2000, the concession system, won by the company Cataratas SA, seeks comfort and convenience to the visitor.

This care brings the visitor a good experience and allows you to enjoy the most of every moment. Already on arrival, a large monitored parking will preserve your vehicle while you have fun – for more than 10 years the entry of private vehicles is prohibited and transportation is done by authorized tour companies and the concessionaire that manages the Park.

At the Visitor Center, a range of services is offered – cafeteria, souvenir shops and ATMs. The input value is fixed, with ticket and transportation, but there are some advantages to Brazilians, foreign Mercosur and to the residents of surrounding cities to the National Park.

Yet at the Visitor Center can be a trip to the Falls of the past. Newly opened, the Falls of the memory space is a free, permanent exhibition which features 1,500 photos scanned, labeled and contextualized. The area has several historical statements in interactive terminals, and present objects, antique furniture, printed photographs and panels.

Once you know what it was, it’s time to see today’s Falls. The current tour begins by boarding platform in transportation made by modern articulated buses, double-decks and panoramic hybrids that provide a broad view of the route through the park.

Along the way to the falls, the BR-469 highway, the audio system guides on the charts in optional tours and preservation and safety issues within the protected area. Until you reach the main stop are two stations where visitors can disembark and perform other optional tours: Black Well Trail and Macuco Safari.

The walk is light, and even though the weather is hot you’ll be surrounded by nature and water, present in all the way. The trail there are several stopping points in its nearly one thousand meters long. A great reason to catch his breath or lose it with scenarios that go to little revealing.

And at the end of the track you will earn the Falls bath. The walkway installed on the Iguaçu River leads to one of the most impressive and expected views of the falls: the Devil’s Throat. Space is one of the most disputed of the tour, there is the “baptism” takes place. The waters of force causes a rain that constantly bathes the catwalk and its visitors. It is in this space that these droplets and sunlight cause another images show with the rainbow formation. A painting to be loaded to life in memory and photographs.

Following the tour, the lookouts installed right next to the Salto Floriano, open possibility to get very close to the falls. In this space are several points of observation and photography to areas. Divided into four floors, the viewpoints together the best angles for contemplation and give access to another attraction: the panoramic elevator. All-glass, the ascent by elevator to the top observation deck observation gives a sense of height and volume of water from the Rio Iguaçu Falls.

Tired? Of course not! The place is full of energy so positive and invigorating that the end of all this path his thinking certainly will be, “when you return?”. After completing the course, feel free to snack in cafes and coffee shops, buy a souvenir to take home a photo with art assembly, maybe a jewel, or even lunch at Restaurante Porto Canoas positioned practically on the Iguaçu River, with one of the most beautiful views of the park.

The word Iguaçu means “large water”, in Tupi-Guarani etymology. The falls are formed by the falls of Iguaçu River. Eighteen kilometers before joining the Paraná River, Iguaçu overcomes a ground unevenness and plunges when dropped up to 80 meters high, reaching a width of 2780 meters. Its geological formation dates from about 150 million years, but the formation of the landform of the falls began about 200,000 years ago.

The Iguaçu River measured 1200 m wide above the falls. Below is a close up to 65m channel. The total width of the Falls in Brazil is approximately 800 m on the Argentine side of 1900 m. The height of fall is about 40 to 80 m. Depending on the river flow, the number of hops varies, reaching a number greater than 100 during periods of average flow.

The main falls are 19, five of them on the Brazilian side (Floriano, Deodoro and Benjamin Constant, Santa Maria and Union) and the other on the Argentine side. The arrangement of heels, with most of them on the Argentinean side and facing Brazil, provides the best view for those who observe the scenery from Brazil.


Opening hours: 9:00 am to 05:00 pm daily (including Sundays and holidays).
Degree of difficulty: Medium
Estimated time: 2 hours
Parking: available
Food: snack bars and restaurant
Reservations: No need
Payment: Payment is made at the ticket box office, by cash or credit / debit card (Visa, Master and Amex).
Online Buy: www.cataratasdoiguacu.com.br/portal/vendas/vendaonline.aspx


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