Itaipu Dam

Itaipu Dam, located on the Paraná River on the border between Brazil and Paraguay, is now the largest dam in the world in energy production. Energy also channeled in the creation of tourist attractions and receiving thousands of visitors each year.

In the list of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World, the plant is a show piece. And to meet this monument there sightseeing options according to their interests, such as Panoramic visit and the Special Circuit, in addition to the Bela Vista Biological and Ecomuseum, Lighting Dam, among others.

The DAM – Know the inside of the plant, and to have an overview of the central belvedere is fascinating. But the gigantism of Itaipu is even more noticeable when it goes through the dam. Walking on the top of the concrete wall offers a privileged view of the reservoir. Inside, the main attractions are the architecture, reminiscent of a cathedral because of the concave shape. The minimum age to visit is 14 years.

The spillway – Watch the spillway in activity between the months of December and February when the steel floodgates are open during the rainy season is an unforgettable sight. The outflow of Itaipu’s spillway is equivalent to 40 of the Iguaçu Falls and only open when the reservoir water level is high.

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